Our Mission

Give Me 5 Therapy Center has the purpose of offering high quality and innovative medical services for children and adults with special needs and at the same time has the great objective of offering alternative programs that help and contribute to the well-being of our families.

Our highly qualified professionals in each of the therapeutic specialties will make an individual assessment of the problem of the child or adult and in turn will offer multidisciplinary care to facilitate the incorporation of the patient into active and social life.

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Physical Therapy

  • Our caring physical therapists specialize in personalized treatments tailored to your specific needs. We not only treat your existing condition but also implement prevention strategies, all while using top-of-the-line techniques that strengthen you from the inside out and improve your quality of life. They also offer continued post-rehabilitation fitness programs to speed up the efficiency of healing and prevent future re-injury.
  • For children, our physical therapists are trained to help children succeed in functional mobility by addressing gross motor development. Physical therapy addresses the following areas: gross motor skills, strength and endurance, balance and coordination, motor planning and control, body awareness, flexibility, gait/mobility training. Choosing the right therapeutic environment for your child is an especially important decision.

Occupational Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy is a healthcare profession that focuses on an individual’s ability to perform the broad range of everyday life activities. Our therapists will utilize modalities; physical training and functional activities to promote healing, restore function and enhance an individual’s life following an injury, surgery, disease, and lack of the ability to perform tasks.
  • For children, our occupational therapists are trained to help children succeed in activities of daily living in the home, school, and community. They are also trained to help children organize and interpret sensory information from the environment in an appropriate manner. We have occupational therapists trained in sensory integration, upper body strength and hand function, fine motor skills, handwriting, visual/spatial processing, hand-eye coordination, attention organization, play/social skills, and body awareness also other specialties.

Speech Therapy

  • In adult’s speech and language disorders typically occur as a result of a neurological change. Speech and language therapy would begin with an assessment of communication skills and collaboration with the client and family to set goals. The treatment sessions provide interactions, exercises, stimulation and practicing appropriate strategy to improve language skills and/or speech intelligibility.
  • In children Give Me 5 Therapy Center provides private speech evaluations, and direct one-to-one speech therapy. Our speech-language therapists are trained to help children effectively communicate their wants and needs to those around them and works in both language: Español and English. They are also trained to help with feeding and swallowing issues.

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