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What to do when children do not eat?

That is a big problem suffered by the parents of many children who do not like to eat or are very picky about food. But sometimes, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a “picky eater” and a child who has real feeding problems.

Normally, a child who presents these problems with eating can present one of these conditions:

  1. + Little weight gain
  2. + Weight loss
  3. + Choking, nausea or vomiting during meals.
  4. + More than one incidence of nasal reflux
  5. + Continuous breathing problems derived from poor coordination between breathing and eating.
  6. + Inability to transition to pureed foods at 10 months or solid foods at 12 months.
  7. + Inability to switch from bottle to cup at 16 months.
  8. + Aversion or avoidance of an entire food or texture group
  9. + Only accepts a smaller range of 20 foods.
  10. + Signs of distress during meals.

Our team of therapists will help you solve these problems through sequential oral therapy sessions. This program includes sensory, motor, oral, behavioral, and learning factors to help increase the child’s comfort level in dealing with food, its texture, smell, taste, or consistency. In this program both the speech therapist and the occupational therapist are involved, to identify in which area the child has problems.

By following these approaches, our therapists prepare children to increase the types of foods they eat and solve other eating challenges they face.

Your trusting, loving, and caring relationship with your child has a profound effect on creating positive associations with food and improving your overall eating experience.

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