Speech Therapy Adults

You have a lot to say, and you can’t, so what is stopping you?

At Give Me 5 Therapy Center we will help you find out and solve it. To achieve this, our speech therapy specialists will use modern and specialized techniques to help you: speak clearly, more fluently, with your best voice, they will help you modify your foreign accent and eliminate the push of the tongue.

After a personalized evaluation we can work with you on the following problems:

  1. + Accent modification
  2. + Aphasia
  3. + Apraxia of speech
  4. + Joint disorders
  5. + Auditory processing disorder
  6. + Dysarthria
  7. + Stuttering
  8. + Voice disorders


Adult assessments can include standardized and non-standardized (criteria-based) tests, written and verbal language samples, and informal observation. Customer self-assessment forms and checklists are also used as needed.


All treatment is tailored to your individual needs.
Regardless of the specific program or exercises that your treatment protocol may include, your lifestyle, career goals, family involvement, and feelings regarding a speech and language impairment are always respected and considered. We focus on what is important to you:

  1. + Language therapy – communicate wants and needs, facilitate vocabulary, teach grammar, tell stories, use social language, facilitate listening comprehension, and improve reading and writing skills.
  2. + Cognitive therapy: improves attention-, concentration-, short- and long-term memory, organization, reasoning, problem solving, mental flexibility, reading, writing, etc.
  3. + Articulation therapy – enunciation / pronunciation improvement.
  4. + Accent Modification Therapy – Diminishing Foreign Accent.
  5. + Fluency therapy helping those who stutter, clutter, etc.
  6. + Speech and language therapy includes adjunctive integrative bodywork.
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