Dance, Ballet & Gymnastic

The art is an essential part of the education of our children, but also, it is for this reason that we work together with the teachers of Coliseo Academy to offer the children who visit Give Me 5 Therapy Center this opportunity.

Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Flamenco and Russian technique of gymnastic are in the curriculum of classes, with the idea of satisfying the different tastes. We will work to achieve the highest levels in our teachings, interested in that our students train and learn that their bodies are a precious instrument, and dance is the vehicle to demonstrate what we are and feel.

The dance in any style or rhythm offer support the development of the whole student with individualized attention in a nurturing educational environment. These classes are designed to gently introduce children to the dynamics of music and dance through movement and rhythmic exercises, while creatively engaging their imagination. These classes promote group interaction, creativity, and the body awareness.

These classes introduce stretches and strength-building exercises that are especially important to children with coordination problems or other issues.

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